Phase 1: Relief Care

Thumbs Up to Relief

When you first come to visit us at East Hills Chiropractic and Sports Therapy in Anaheim Hills our primary goal is to relieve your pain and improve your comfort.  It is very common to start off with a heat treatment or ultra sound therapy to loosen your often very tight muscles around the area of pain.  The heat and ultra sound are non invasive and not painful, it is very common for our patients to fall asleep on the heat table.

Once your muscles have loosened up, Dr. Mangold or Dr. Hankins will often do a deep tissue massage on your tight muscles to further loosen them so your bone structure can adjust.  We often have heard that the deep tissue massage is uncomfortable at the time, but they feel so much better after the massage is complete.  The doctors only do this massage on targeted areas and only for a very short time.  The massage stretches out your muscles allowing better blood flow and oxygen to reach you muscles allowing them to heal and feel better.

The next step is to do an adjustment to your skeletal structure to align your bones and relieve stress on nerves, tendons and muscles which relieves pain.  The adjustment takes team work between you and Dr. Mangold or Dr. Hankins.  The doctor will ask you to put your body in a specific position, then the doctor will instruct you to relax and when you do he will apply pressure to your body to adjust your skeletal structure.  It is very common to hear and feel "popping" during the adjustment.  You may be asked to contort into a few different positions so the doctor can achieve correct skeletal alignment of your body.

This process will often repeat a few times a week for a several weeks until your pain is reduced.  The treatment will often change each time you visit East Hills Chiropractic and Sports Therapy to ensure you are getting the best treatment for your current condition as possible.  

Once your pain symptoms have reduced, your treatment will start to merge into Corrective Care where we work with you to achieve strengthening and healing your injury.