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Sports are great for exercising and competing as well as to have fun with friends and family. Unfortunately, if you play sports, you’re at risk of pulling or tearing a muscle, among other injuries. No matter your sports injury, our chiropractors at East Hills Chiropractic and Sports Therapy, serving Anaheim, Yorba Linda, and the surrounding region, can use diagnostics to see the extent of your injury and create a treatment plan to help relieve your pain.

Common Sports Injuries

Sprains and strains are two of the more common injuries that can result from sports. A strain occurs when you tear a muscle or tendon. A sprain is when you stretch or tear a ligament. Either injury can cause you pain or discomfort. With a sprain, you may notice bruising around your joint. A strain, however, may contribute to muscle spasms. The most common area for a sprain to occur is in the ankle while strains most often happen in the back.

You can also experience tendonitis if you stress the tendons in the body, which can happen in your knee, shoulder, elbow, hip, or heel. Other sport-related injuries are shin splints, ACL tears, tennis elbow, dislocations, rotator cuff injury, fractures, and swollen muscles.

Diagnosing a Sports Injury

At your appointment, your chiropractor will ask you to fill out a medical history sheet. A health history provides us with insight into any issues you’ve had in the past as well as information regarding your health conditions. Afterward, you will undergo a physical examination. Your practitioner will evaluate your rotation, flexion, and strength in the area where you have pain.

The final component of your diagnosis is taking images of your injury. Depending on the type of issue you have, our chiropractor may recommend you have a CT scan or an x-ray done. We will use the results to rule out possible causes of your injury and to determine the exact cause of your issue.

Treating a Sports Injury Using Chiropractic Care

The exact treatment for your sports-related injury depends on where it occurred and the severity of it. Your chiropractor may recommend chiropractic adjustment to relieve your pain, exercise therapy to improve range of motion, and hot and cold therapy to reduce inflammation.

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