Solve Your Work Injury By Seeing A Chiropractor

An accident injury at work is more common than you would expect. Especially if you are doing physical or manual labor, the wear and tear that you develop over time can result in a personal injury that can sideline you and end up resulting in not only physical but also financial stress. As a top chiropractor group in Yorba Linda near Anaheim, we are committed to solving your work-related injuries so you can speed up your recovery and start feeling better.

What Happens During the First Therapy Session?

During the initial consultation, we’ll go over your medical history and the symptoms you have been feeling. Since this is from a work injury, you’ll want to be prepared to talk about what activities you do that specifically have resulted in the current joint pain you are experiencing. Some questions to think about that you might find helpful include: When did the pain start? How does the pain feel? What activities make it worse or better? Answering these initial questions can give your provider a better understanding of what you are going through in order to properly diagnose the situation and begin on a treatment plan. Additionally, if you have any related family history or pre-existing medical conditions, this can help the chiropractor come up with a more specific plan by taking these added details into consideration.

What Will You Start To Notice Once You Have Gone To Multiple Sessions?

After your initial session, you might feel a little bit of aching or soreness in the spinal joints and muscles from the spinal manipulation. This soreness, however, shouldn’t last longer than 24 hours after treatment. If the pain from the soreness is too much to bear, you can numb it by using an ice pack. After a few more adjustments, you will start to feel a greater amount of flexibility and mobility from the stretching and strengthening exercise your chiropractor takes you through.

Since chiropractor therapy has an immediate effect on the central nervous system, you will also find yourself less stressed out than before therapy and more easily able to concentrate on mental tasks. Some side effects also include improved sleep, greater vitality, as well as a greater overall sense of well-being.

Patients have also noted a release of toxins that have resulted in stronger immune systems and lower levels of inflammation. If you find yourself getting sick a lot at work while having back pains, you might be surprised to find that the two could be related. All it would take to relieve both symptoms are a few quick trips to your local chiropractor.

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The financial and physical stress of a work-related injury is not healthy for your life in the short nor the long term. Contact us today to see how we can help you recover faster and get back to work sooner.