Hany Y. Avatar
Hany Y.
5 star rating
6/22/2022 - Yelp

This place is really really amazing I love how they treat their patients, with lots of kindness and compassion. You can tell they love what they do and they genuinely care. Doctors are really skilled knowledgeable and nice, the lady in the front is the sweetest, just her kind welcoming starts relieving your pain. I am grateful for the work you've done on me

Adnan M. Avatar
Adnan M.
5 star rating
6/03/2022 - Yelp

Great chiropractor and staff. Flexible schedules and convenient location. Highly recommended.

Kai N. Avatar
Kai N.
5/25/2022 - Google

He has helped relieve some of my Achilles Tendinitis Pain!

Kai N. Avatar
Kai N.
5 star rating
5/25/2022 - Yelp

Dr. Mangold is great at helping treat my Achilles Tendinitis! I would recommend to anyone in need.

Elena R. Avatar
Elena R.
5 star rating
3/21/2022 - Yelp

I highly recommend this office! I came with severe lower back pain and Dr. Mangold saw me the same day I called. He is amazing doctor !

My C. Avatar
My C.
3/10/2022 - Google

I pulled out my knee and had a horrific time trying to walk and my knee was swollen very badly. The size of a small watermelon to be more specific. Well, finally I went to see Dr. Mangold. He had this (I apologize for not knowing the name of the instrument) device that used ultrasound I believe. He explained how using this device will help minimizing the swelling as well as help my knees not be so stiff due to the swelling and pain. After he used the instrument, we went into different rooms for different adjustments and then he gave me some advice as to what I needed to do for exercising my knee as well as key points to be careful of as to what NOT to do. He also had some topical solutions I did purchase that worked out very well for me.I do a lot of traveling so I have to be at my best at all times, and pain is not part of me being my best. I had my knee back to as normal as possible given the severity of the problem I had and I am so happy with my results. I can walk excellent and I am careful of what I do and when I mess up, Dr. Mangold can fix it again 😉 I can recommend Dr. Mark (as I call him) to anyone needing his expertise. He is a super sweet guy and very genuine. I am happy to know him and when I am in town I go see him for my knee. I appreciate very much for all he did for me. Thank you Dr. Mark for all your care and help.

Allie G. Avatar
Allie G.
9/10/2021 - Google

Great people, great facility! Been going there for over 25 years! You're in good hands!

robert p. Avatar
robert p.
5/10/2021 - Google

Great staff ! Very friendly and helpful

Margaret S. Avatar
Margaret S.
5/10/2021 - Google

Nice, friendly, walk-ins are no problem. All doctors are personable, friendly and very professional... I LOVE THE THERAPY DOGS... they make my day and warm me from the inside..

Ryan M. Avatar
Ryan M.
5/10/2021 - Google

Love this place, super friendly staff, felt very comfortable from day one! Oh yea feeling much better to!

Walt L. Avatar
Walt L.
5/10/2021 - Google

Been coming for years. Been to many Chiropractic offices, these 2 professionals are the BEST and they took my heath insurance.If you have never been to a Chiropractic, go visit them - you will not regret it.The only thing you will lose is pain...

Richard V. Avatar
Richard V.
5/10/2021 - Google

Dr Mark and Dr Doug are very knowledgeable and compassionate in their care. The office is extremely safe and comfortable . A great experience all around.

Phyllis J. Avatar
Phyllis J.
5/10/2021 - Google

Dr Mangold is very professional and very kind and he listens to what is wrong with you. It’s very nice have such a Doctor.

R S. Avatar
R S.
5/10/2021 - Google

Great experience! Friendly staff! Highly recommend!

Emma H. Avatar
Emma H.
5/10/2021 - Google

Both doctors were very professional and I received great treatment (more than usual) for my ongoing back pain. Dr. Mason as well as Dr. Doug we're very kind and made my care a priority. Along with all of that, Dr. Mason has two therapy dogs who are gentle, kind, and very well behaved. I was allowed to pet them as much as i wanted. I left the office with a better back and in a better mood.

Kim D. Avatar
Kim D.
5/10/2021 - Google

Everyone is very friendly and accommodating. I’ve always been able to get in to see the doctor and found relief plus good advice for continued good health.

GT B. Avatar
5/10/2021 - Google

Wow! If I could give more than 5 stars I would. What a great experience and care East Hills Chiropractic provides. I injured my lower back, I was in so much pain and had to go in for treatment. It had been a while since I went to Chiropractor and this was my first time at East Hills. I was greeted by Beth in the front and both Dr. Mangold and Dr. Hankins, all were in the lobby. They made me feel like family instantly. Everyone was so friendly and caring, they sure know how to make you feel like a VIP. Incredible customer service!! Dr. Mangold treated me, he took me right in and after diagnosing the problem, he was so honest and provided me with options, we began treating my back with UltraSound, Electronic Stimulators, Laser treatment and then an adjustment. I walked in like an old man, hunched over in pain and walked out upright, more flexible, and pain-free. I did go back and repeat the treatment after a couple of days and I’m feeling good. Their expertise and treatment along with their superior customer service made me a customer for life. Seriously, if anyone is in need of a good, honest Chiropractor, look no further, these guys are legit. Thank you, Dr. Mangold, for treating me, you have made a difference in my life.

Lisa P. Avatar
Lisa P.
5 star rating
2/01/2021 - Yelp

Let's start with the dogs! Who doesn't want to snuggle dogs all day? The people there are great too.

Amber M. Avatar
Amber M.
5 star rating
10/17/2020 - Yelp

Yes, it was my first visit to East Hills Chiropractic and my first time ever going to a chiropractor. I was greeted immediately by the receptionist who was very pleasant. I filled out the necessary paperwork and while I was filling out my paperwork, I was greeted by Hunter the therapy dog!! Yes, it was like he knew I needed encouragement. I was anxious about my appointment and petting Hunter was very comforting. So there are two chiropractors at East Hills, Dr. Mangold and Dr. Hankins. I saw Dr. Mangold. He did a brief consultation and started my treatment with a TENS machine for 20 minutes to target my lower back pain. He then did an adjustment to my back. After the treatment, he gave me some advice on my diet and gave a copy of some exercises he wanted me to do for my lower back. Overall, it was a very good visit because I left feeling no pain. Yes, it worked! I have a follow up appointment next week which I'm looking forward to. Dr. Mangold is personable, professional and knowledgeable. The office itself is located in the Ralphs parking lot and there is ample parking. I believe they are open Monday- Thursday and Saturday. They took my Kaiser insurance which was great too.

Aryana A. Avatar
Aryana A.
5 star rating
10/13/2020 - Yelp

Love coming here! At 30 weeks pregnant I was having really bad upper back pain. Came in here and the doctor knew exactly what I needed. He took the time to prep me for my adjustment by first used heat. Then he transferred me to a rolling table which felt amazing. Finally he adjusted my back. It gave me the much needed relief I was craving my entire pregnancy. Also, he has a special table that adjusts for your belly to sit comfortably while you lay face down. Everything was clean and sanitized before/after my service. I've now gone back twice and I'm planning to continue to go through the last weeks of pregnancy. It makes all the difference and my back doesn't feel as stressed from the extra weight.